O Brothers, Where Art Thou?

It took them more than 70 years of protracted “grassroots activism” to get into power in Egypt and less than one year for the Muslim Brotherhood to be ousted by the very same “grassroots” they sought to govern.

Graffiti near Tahrir Square

In the final analysis, it was Mohamed Morsi’s own inability to compromise and his party’s inherent authoritarian nature that  failed the Brotherhood. Or as an Egyptian put it:

“Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak all tried to rid Egypt of the Muslim Brotherhood. In the end it was Morsi who succeeded”

What Egyptians have shown is what they, in their hearts, already knew: that Sharia Law alone is not enough for good governance and Islamists make for worthless administrators. Morsi won an election but he failed to build on the democracy that put him into power. Islamism is not “representative” of the Arab Street nor the Greater Muslim World and it certainly is not “indigenous” to it, as has become popular thinking in some sections of the Liberal Left.

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Apostasy and Islam

You don’t have to be a Muslim or an apostate to support The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) and their campaign to help apostates in Islam. Here is their message:

Dear friend

For the past six years, the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) has been a “beacon of hope” for many.

As the first organisation of its kind, the CEMB has been established to break the taboo that comes with leaving Islam; highlight the problems ex-Muslims face; provide a network for support; raise awareness; and campaign for freedom of belief and expression, atheism and secularism and against apostasy and Sharia laws. According to Elle Quebec magazine, the launch of the ex-Muslim movement was ‘a real revolution.’

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Why is the left so blinkered to Islamic extremism?

James Bloodworth discusses the new report by the One Law for All’s campaign: Siding with the Oppressor: The Pro-Islamist Left.

Because the left doesn’t police its borders in the way that the right has learned to do – social democrats like to pretend the far-left are on the same side as them – extremists regularly sneak into the mainstream on the back of ostensibly progressive front groups.

A good example is Unite Against Fascism.

Launched in 2003 as a response to the electoral activity of the British National Party, UAF spends most of its time these days organising counter demonstrations against the EDL.

An honourable way to pass the time, you might think.

UAF’s definition of what constitutes fascism, however, is a peculiar one. Not only are those advocating the resurrection of a fascistic Islamic caliphate seemingly not worth opposing, they have been actively welcomed into the UAF fold by the leadership.

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NSS applauds Channel 4 ‘Call to Prayer’ broadcasts

Channel 4′s decision to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer during the month of Ramadan as a “deliberate act of “provocation” aimed at viewers who associate Islam with terrorism and extremism” has met with a spectrum of reactions.

The decision to broadcast anything based on the need to “provoke” is risible and the motivations of Channel4 verge on sociopathic. But Terry Sanderson at the National Secular Society has a very bright piece which applauds Channel4 which is well worth reading. The NSS position clarifies the misconception that secularism is anti-religion and in fact religious freedoms will always flourish in a secular state and never in a theocratic state.

The hostility that is swirling round this decision to include Islam is understandable, given the events of the past few years. But there are millions of Muslims living quietly and productively in this country, who simply want to observe their religion in peace. They deserve to see their lives reflected on TV, just like everyone else’s.

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More Arab Racism against South Asians

This video is extremely distressing. If you bother to watch it you will see a Bangladeshi cab driver in Saudi Arabia being racially harassed and abused by a Saudi passenger.

“Saudi Arabia Is Your Owner You Dog!”

What would be the outcome of this kind of attack had it been perpetrated by a white non-Muslim Briton? It would be “Islamophobic” and rightly condemned. But when we see it perpetrated by Arabs on South Asian Muslims, it will be dismissed at best – or the victim will be considered to have “asked for it”.

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Lord Ahmed resigns

Say goodbye to Lord Nazir Ahmed as he rides off into sunset to pastures new. We hope he takes his entourage of “10,000 Muslims” and his collection of Nazi paraphernalia with him.

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Two of the “Atheist Bloggers” Released

Subrata Adhikari Shuvo and Russel Parvez

Some good news from Bangladesh on the plight of the “Atheist Bloggers” who were associated with Shahbag movement and were subsequently detained without trial for allegedly “defaming Islam”.

Dhaka Senior Special Judge Mohammad Zahurul Haque granted bail to Shuvo and Rasel after taking into cognisance the charges against the three bloggers arrested.

The court’s Additional Public Prosecutor Tapash Paul told bdnews24.com that the other blogger – Mashiur Rahman Biplab – had submitted no bail petition. “That is why the court granted bail to the two.”

These bloggers were accused of ‘inciting religious passions’ through their postings on the Internet. These bloggers were arrested from Dhaka on Apr 1 following persistent demands by Hifazat-e Islam to punish ‘atheists’.

Shuvo, Biplab and Pervez were sent on remand under article 54 as suspects.

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Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin Indicted

The BBC report on the “UK Muslim community leader” namely Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin has been indicted in Bangladesh has a statement by his lawyer Toby Cadman.

Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin strongly denies any role in the murder of 18 intellectuals in December of that year.

He is alleged to have been a member of the Al-Badr group, which identified and killed pro-independence activists.

He is accused with another alleged Al-Badr member, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, a United States citizen.

His lawyers have rejected all the allegations against him. They say that none of the accusations have ever been formally put to him and there has been no attempt to question him.

“The statements made by members of the government of Bangladesh are grossly defamatory to my client, wholly untrue and are refuted in their entirety,” his lawyer Toby Cadman told the BBC.

Cadman’s statement is covered more extensively in the Telegraph:

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Fascism without Racism

This is a guest post by Hugo Schmidt

Those who call the EDL racist are dangerously missing the point

Confronted with something completely new, people translate it back into language they understand.  Hence the sign Smash the racist EDL! Good sentiment but claptap.  Racist movements do not, as a rule, have signs saying Black and White Unite! or insist on multi-racial recruitment, or pick fights with real racists and physically toss them out, all of which the EDL has done.

That doesn’t make it nice.  ”They said I deserved to be raped in the head because of my last name”, said a young lady on the fringes of the protest.  I believe her; Alexander Melagrou-Hitchens and Nick Cohen, two sources I trust, have reported similar things.  Being non-racist or anti-racist doesn’t make the EDL innocuous but it can make it more dangerous.  What we might be seeing in real time is the birth of a truly British form of fascism.

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Islam or Atheism – Which is More Rational?

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan

‘Islam or Atheism – Which is More Rational?’ was the title of a recent debate that took place at University College of London. It may as well have been titled ’7th century Arabian goat herder myths or a rational scientific approach – which makes more sense? In any case, the debate pitted well-known US atheist Prof. Lawrence Krauss against a little known UK-based Muslim called Hamza Tzortszis and was organised by a group calling itself IERA.

Upon digging a little deeper, I found that IERA, far from being moderate or even traditional Muslims, are actually a group of Islamist extremists with strong Wahabi influences that routinely intimidate and attack moderate Muslims whilst towing the Saudi-Wahabi line. Their speakers promote sexism, anti-semitism, wife-beating, apostate-killing and a whole range of other unsavoury things. It therefore, came as no surprise that the event was segregated, the so-called moderator was a member of IERA and the hand picked audience was 90% Muslim. The security guards were also IERA affiliated and did their level best to intimidate atheist guests.

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