Caption Competition 22/07/2011

Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniya welcomed members of the “Miles of Smiles 3″ aid convoy in his office in Gaza city on June 20,2011. One of them happens to be Muhammed Ali Harrath, iEngage’s sugar daddy.

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Where Men are Men and Donkeys are Nervous

Tarek Fatah writes:

“Just when you thought news from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan could not shock us any more, here is a report about a man caught in a private moment with a donkey. The poor donkey is then declared to be an adulteress (Kari) by a village council who have the animal shot dead for the act of illicit sex. The donkey’s lover is reported to have gone into hiding.”

He is referring to this true story:

SUKKUR: Incredible though it may sound, a donkey was declared ‘Kari’ and shot dead here in a remote area on Monday. The Jirga imposed 110,000 rupees fine on the alleged ‘Karo’.

The reports said that in Village Ghahi Khan Jatoi, a villager Ghazi Khan alias Malang shot dead his donkey on being ‘Kari’ with Sikandar Ali alias Deedo. He attempted to kill Sikander too but the alleged Karo managed to escape and surrendered himself to an influential person of the area.

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Qur’anic Miracles

Miracles or scientific and factual errors? You decide…

Also from the same series, Scientific Miracles in the Qur’an:

And, finally:

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“A Momentous Occassion” – iEngage Exposed

When you get a chance, do please read the report which documents the iEngage campaign to gain access to the position of the APPG Secretariat by Dr Chris Allen at Applied Social Studies, School of Social Policy at the University of Birmingham. It was this report which recommended to MPs to drop iEngage. To its credit, it has catalogued, fairly and with clinical precision, the deceptions and chicanery employed by iEngage to cover up their extremist agenda.

Here’s a brief excerpt:


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MPs Vote IEngage Out of the APPG

The JC brings good news, tremendously good news:

MPs on the all-party group on Islamophobia have voted against using iEngage, the controversial Islamist group, as its secretariat.

The vote on Monday evening, by 60 to 2, followed the resignation in February of its Conservative chair Kris Hopkins and Labour vice-chair Lord Janner over an earlier decision to use iEngage.
Despite their resignations the group retained the link with iEngage. However it pledged to investigate fully concerns before iEngage was officially confirmed.

Lib Dem MP Simon Hughes, who took over as from Mr Hopkins and Lord Janner as one of the group’s chairmen, was tasked with considering iEngage’s record. In June he asked Birmingham University academic Chris Allen to compile a report to be sent to members of the group.

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Arab racism against Indians and Pakistanis

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad writes about the plight of South Asian migrant workers toiling under slave-labour conditions in the building boom in Dubai. As you would expect, Ahad writes sympathetically about their appalling working and living conditions and goes into depressing detail of their perdition.

Then he writes about having dinner at the home of an Arab aquaintance:

One evening in Abu Dhabi, I have dinner with my friend Ali, a charming Iraqi engineer whom I have known for two decades. After the meal, as his wife serves saffron-flavoured tea, he pushes back his chair and lights a cigar. We talk about stock markets, investment and the Middle East, and then the issue of race comes up.

“We will never use the new metro if it’s not segregated,” he tells me, referring to the state-of-the-art underground system being built in neighbouring Dubai. “We will never sit next to Indians and Pakistanis with their smell,” his wife explains.

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Raed Salah Released on Bail

The British pro-Hamas group, Friends of Al-Aqsa are very happy to announce their hero Raed Salah, the anti-Jewish bigot and so-called “Gandhi of Palestine”, has been released on bail and is free to spread his message of Jew-hatred in Britain.

The news has been received with joy by Salah’s supporters from the Muslim religious-right of Britain. It means Salah is free to do more of this kind of thing in this country:

Inayat Bunglawala, for example, was so perturbed by the detention of this particular hate-preacher that he dropped all erstwhile pretence of being a “liberal Muslim” and exposed his true associations:

From today, I am adding a number of links to websites that the Zionists would rather wish you and I would not look at including Hizbullah’s al-Manar, al-Jazeera, Press TV. I will add to it in the coming days and weeks, insha’ Allah. Do encourage others to do the same to counteract the influence of a largely craven British media.

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Henry Kissinger: Impunity and No Regrets for the Murder of Millions

Henry Kissinger has a new book out. It has got a favourable review in the New York Times, who gush all over it:

It’s been four decades since President Richard M. Nixon sent Henry A. Kissinger to Beijing to re-establish contact with China, an ancient civilization with which the United States, at that point, had had no high-level diplomatic contact for more than two decades. Since then the cold war has ended; the Soviet Union (a threat to both China and the United States and a spur to Sino-American cooperation) has come unwound; and economic reform in China has transformed a poverty-ridden, poorly educated nation into a great power that is playing an increasingly pivotal role in the globalized world.

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Today the Murdoch Empire, Tomorrow the Pro-Fascist Left?

Nick Cohen thinks that the sections of the media and the political establishments of the “liberal-left” which reflexively supports and patronises Islamist theocratic movements (largely because they are “politically correct” stevedores of anti-semitism) will ultimately be dismantled with the same lightning speed as with the unravelling of the Murdoch media empire. Can he be right?

When you watch Baroness Jenny Tonge for the Liberal Democrats, Jeremy Corbyn for Labour or the Muslim Council of Britain, Cage Prisoners or – and I am ashamed to say this – the “liberal” press where I make my living, you see them deploy two tactics. The first is a determined refusal to admit the nature of radical Islam. They never discuss the misogyny, homophobia and antisemitism, let alone stir themselves to confront it.

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Tripathi Reviews Bose

In his review of Sarmila Bose’s controversial book (Dead Reckoning) on Bangladesh’s War of Independence, Salil Tripathi questions whether her work is the unbiased re-evaluation of historical facts, which her supporters like to claim it is, or whether it is simply a rehash of old prejudices and glaring omissions.

Bangladeshis welcomed Bose warmly when she began her study, and many intellectuals, historians, academics and survivors told her their stories. She also went to Pakistan, and remarkably, was able to get the cooperation of many Pakistani commanders who participated in the war. Pakistan’s army is not entirely an accountable organization to begin with, and except for a judicial commission in 1971, which was set up to examine the narrow question of what led to Pakistani defeat in the war, there hasn’t been a serious attempt to understand what happened. Any effort to get Pakistani generals to talk is welcome, particularly since the war crimes trials, set to begin in Bangladesh soon, will not try Pakistani nationals, but only Bangladeshi perpetrators and collaborators.

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