No sexy eyes please, we’re Saudi

The Saudis are in the highest level of the Islamic religious foodchain and occupy the topmost spot in the hierarchy of Muslim piety. The reason they are held with such esteem by South Asian Muslims is because they’re rich, they’re Arabs and their country happens to be the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammed. Saudi men, however, don’t think much of South Asians and they don’t treat their women as equal citizens either because to do that would be blasphemous, unliteralist and opposed to everything the Prophet preached. Here are two stories concerning the rights of Saudi women which will warm the hearts of your average diaspora South Asian Muslim.

Saudi Women with sexy eyes may forced to cover even them up, if the Saudi government pass a new resolution.

Too sexy for my niqab

Spokesman of the Ha’eal district, Sheikh Motlab al-Nabet said the committee has the right to stop a women whose eyes seem “tempting” and order her to cover them immediately.

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The Paradox

The Muslims are not happy!
They’re not happy in Gaza.
They’re not happy in Egypt.
They’re not happy in Libya.
They’re not happy in Morocco.
They’re not happy in Iran.
They’re not happy in Iraq.
They’re not happy in Yemen.
They’re not happy in Afghanistan.
They’re not happy in Pakistan.
They’re not happy in Syria.
They’re not happy in Lebanon.

And where are they happy ?

They’re happy in England.
They’re happy in France.
They’re happy in Italy.
They’re happy in Germany.
They’re happy in Sweden.
They’re happy in the USA.
They’re happy in Norway.
They’re happy in Canada.

They’re happy in any country that is not Muslim!

And who do they blame?
Not Islam.
Not their leadership.
Not themselves.

They blame the countries they are happy in!


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Pakistan’s list of banned words met with ridicule

Officials from the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) have demanded that mobile operators ban text messages which contain ‘offensive’ words. The PTA have drafted a list of some 1500 words and phrases in English and another of 1000 words in Urdu. The list has become an international talking point online while the words on the list have trended on Twitter.

After serious deliberation and consultation, officials from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have come up with more than 50 phrases using the word “fuck” and 17 involving “butt”.

The list includes several apparently innocuous words and phrases, including “flatulence”, “deposit” and “fondle”. Others would likely only make sense to frustrated teenagers.

Among the more printable terms are “strap-on”, “beat your meat”, “crotch rot”, “love pistol”, “pocket pool” and “quickie”.

By and large the reaction has been ridicule and all of it directed at the PTA. Not least from Pakistanis themselves:

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Invading Londonistan

This is a guest post by Chris Blackburn

As Bob Lambert’s credibility in Londonistan is sinking faster than Euro, it would be wise for anyone commenting on identity politics, foreign affairs and counter-terrorism to try to dissect his motives and background in dealing with the Islamists. We are, by admission, an esoteric group of political scientists and hacks who are trying to understand the complex implications of Bob’s demise. But, are we blinding ourselves to the obvious.

I believe there are a few questions which we need to urgently grapple with before we understand the nature of the beast. We also need to understand that Bob was the figurehead for a greater movement within Whitehall and the British Establishment. The first question being: Is Bob Lambert a liberal or a realist? Also: Does British neoliberal foreign and economic policy rely on having Islamists as union busters, left-wing bashers and regime destablisers abroad?; Was Londonistan build on realist foreign policy or was it developed by multiculturalism?

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The Slow Death of Islamic Intellectual Tradition

Amira Nowaira has a wonderful article on the long and vibrant intellectual tradition of dissidence and freethinking in the Islamic world which goes back to the Middle Ages but which has, tragically, all but disappeared. If there is still any doubt about the breadth of Islamic intellectual diversity during its golden age, Postmodernists and moral relativists could do worse than to compare the ideas propagated by enlightened thinkers such as the 10th century philosopher and scientist Abu Bakr al-Razi and compare him with what passes for religious scholarship in the Islamic world (or indeed, any world) in these dark, ignorant times.

Most prominent among those scholars was Abu Bakr al-Razi (865-925 CE) who believed in the supreme importance of reason. He argued that the mind had an innate capacity to distinguish between good and evil, and between what was useful and what was harmful. According to him, the mind did not need any guidance from outside it, and for this reason the presence of prophets was redundant and superfluous.

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Same shitheads. Different name?

Oh no. Not again! [rolls eyes heavenwards]

What is the point of banning an organisation when it will only reappear with the same personnel under a different name?

So far they’ve come up with:

  • Al-Muhajiroun
  • Al Ghurabaa
  • Islam4UK
  • Call to Submission
  • Islamic Path
  • London School of Sharia
  • The Saved Sect or Saviour Sect

Help out Andy Choudary and the girls. What should be the name of their next incarnation?

The Yasmin Fostok Fanclub

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Put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK

Babar Ahmed should not be extradited to the USA. He should be tried here in the UK. Hannah Stuart reads him the Terrorism Act:

Regular readers of HJS will know it’s not often I find myself in agreement with either the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), the umbrella group for Islamic societies that in the words of the Prevent strategy, “has not always fully challenged terrorist and extremist ideology within the higher and further education sectors”; or even CagePrisoners, former Guantanamo inmate Moazzam Begg’s advocacy group with a history of supporting radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki killed in a US-drone strike in September.

But this morning I found myself becoming the 120,748th person to sign an e-petition calling for Babar Ahmad, currently fighting extradition to the US on terrorism offences, to be tried in the UK, a campaign which both groups strenuously support. Ahmad, who’s been held in maximum security prisons for seven years without trial, is waiting for a final ruling on his case from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

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Charlie Hebdo, Free Speech, and Islam

Love is...

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi has an important and well-argued piece on the Charlie Hebdo firebombing and the failure of the liberal-left to stand up for it’s own liberal traditions. Last time it was the Guardian which capitulated to religious obscurantism in reaction to the Mo Toons. This time round it’s Time magazine (yes, that esteemed current affairs journal) which propped up a disgusting and cowardly justification of the incident by Bruce Crumley, on the basis that Muslims should not be expected to tolerate any form of offence to their prophet or their religious politics; not so much because Charlie Hebdo crossed the line of offence but because Muslims are incapable of rational self-critique. Disrespect Muslims at your peril. They might be inarticulate by ‘our’ standards, implies Crumley, but violence is the lingo of the offence takers.

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Why we have to get over our fear of Islamophobia

Rania Hafez

When this article was published this morning, the subs at the Indpendent gave it the title ‘Why we have to get over our fear of Islamophobia‘. Twelve hours later, they’ve renamed it to ‘Islamophobia: Why we have to get over our fears‘. Whatever they choose to call it, this is an amazing article. The author of the piece is Rania Hafez, a teacher educator and academic and founder and director of ‘Muslim Women in Education’.

‘Islamophobia is the new racism’ is now a seeming truism, or so Baroness Warsi and many others would have us believe. She claims that Islamophobia has ‘passed the dinner table test’ and that anti-Muslim prejudice is now normal and uncontroversial in respectable society. Warsi’s views are echoed by many British Muslims, who claim to experience such prejudice daily.

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The Fabled Superiority of Islam

From Annaqed (“the critic”) comes this excellent analysis of the roots of Islamic supremacism, by Louise Palme. Here is an excerpt but I urge you to read this superb piece in its entirety.

Cracks in the Façade

While maintaining the image of religious superiority was easy when there was little contact between the Muslim world and the non-Muslim world, advances in transportation and communication have increased this contact exponentially.  Here are some of the cracks in the façade of Islamic superiority:

Golden Age of Islam –  During the first five hundred years of Islam, the Islamic world made remarkable accomplishments in science, medicine, and architecture, due in part to their affluence as a result of “booty” and their conquest of highly educated populations.  These accomplishments later stimulated the European Renaissance.  But in the 20th and 21st Centuries, the contribution of the Islamic countries in these fields has been meager.  Out of the 797 Nobel Prizes awarded to individuals for accomplishments in science and other fields since 1901, Muslims can boast only 8, or one percent from a population that comprises 20% of the world’s population.  A recent United Nations Human Development report found that the countries in the Middle East only surpass Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of education and other human development measures.

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