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Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin Indicted

The BBC report on the “UK Muslim community leader” namely Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin has been indicted in Bangladesh has a statement by his lawyer Toby Cadman.

Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin strongly denies any role in the murder of 18 intellectuals in December of that year.

He is alleged to have been a member of the Al-Badr group, which identified and killed pro-independence activists.

He is accused with another alleged Al-Badr member, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, a United States citizen.

His lawyers have rejected all the allegations against him. They say that none of the accusations have ever been formally put to him and there has been no attempt to question him.

“The statements made by members of the government of Bangladesh are grossly defamatory to my client, wholly untrue and are refuted in their entirety,” his lawyer Toby Cadman told the BBC.

Cadman’s statement is covered more extensively in the Telegraph:

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Nick Cohen on Shahbag

Nick Cohen with an excellent piece on how the Shahbag demonstrations formed the space for a battle between secular Bangladeshis and Jamaat-e-Islami supporters in a park in Whitechapel. And the ongoing story of how the establishment and Britain’s liberal Left continues to enable fascist streams in political Islam, in particular, Jamaat-e-Islam.

Do I hear you say that Bangladesh is far away and the genocide was long ago?

Not so far away. Not so long ago. And the agonies of Bangladeshi liberals are nothing in comparison to the contradictions of their British counterparts.

The conflict between the Shahbag and Jamaat has already reachedLondon. On 9 February, local supporters of the uprising demonstrated in Altab Ali Park, a rare patch of green space off the Whitechapel Road in London’s East End. They were met by Jamaatis. “They attacked our men with stones,” one of the protest’s organisers told me. “There were old people and women and children there, but they still attacked us.”

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Abid Hussain, Warsi and Hizb ut-Tahrir

This is a cross-post by Raziq (A former member of Hizb ut-Tahrir)

In light of the recent media revelations about Baroness Warsi’s links to Abid Hussain, and his subsequent denial of any involvement with  Hizb ut-Tahrir, this short piece is aimed at clarifying his previous links to the group.

Abid Hussain (still taken from the 1995 BBC Documentary on Hizb ut-Tahrir ‘Public Eye’)

I knew Abid in the 90’s when he was involved with Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT).  Back then he used to attend all of the group’s rallies & events, and was well known in HT circles as being a committed activist.  In the mid-90’s, he also resided at the London School of Shariah in Tottenham for a while.  At the time, the School of Shariah was the hub of all HT activity in the UK. This was when HT was under the leadership of Omar Bakri Mohammad.  His brother Mohammad Nawaz Khan was and still is a senior member of HT.  He was also the former spokesman of HT in Pakistan (where the group is now banned).   Abid is also related to Baroness Warsi’s current husband “Iftikhar Azam”.

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Ken Livingstone: Promoting a RESPECT Stooge

Andrew Gilligan writes on a revealing exchange between Andrew Neil and Ken Livingstone on the matter of election lies.

Ken Livingstone was quick to condemn the election lies put out by the supporters of Phil Woolas about his opponent. Woolas was subsequently disbarred. But when the supporters of the extremist-backed, Respect stooge Lutfur Rahman put out worse lies about his opponent, Helal Abbas, Ken behaved completely differently. Ken had no problem with backing Lutfur and denouncing the Labour candidate  Helal – the victim of the smear campaign as “not credible or competent”. The usual double standards from Ken Livingstone? You better believe it.

Here is how Andrew Neil put Ken on the spot on the BBC, Daily Politics show. The Lutfur section is 13 minutes 35 seconds into this video. But here is a transcript:

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Strict with Lutfur Rahman, Fluffy with Ken Livingstone

Here is Ken Livingstone giving a clear-cut message of endorsement to Lutfur Rahman, while criticising the NEC’s decision to expel Rahman and downplaying Rahman’s replacement:

Labour have taken swift and strong action against Lutfur Rahman and, given his appalling track record, rightly so. Andrew Gilligan reports:

The Tower Hamlets Labour councillors met last night at Westminster. According to several of those present, they voted:

  • to ban their members from joining Lutfur Rahman’s cabinet or acting as paid advisers to him.
  • to oppose Lutfur’s and all his supporters’ readmission to the Labour Party.
  • to ask Labour’s National Executive Committee to investigate the role of Labour Party members in Lutfur’s election campaign and to treat them all equally.

This last bit is clearly aimed at Ken Livingstone, whose action in campaigning against Labour and for Lutfur continues to appal many members of the Labour Party.

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Lessons from Tower Hamlets

Luftur Rahman, the former Labour council leader, has been elected as the mayor of Tower Hamlets on  a turnout of 25.6%. Lutfur, who had previously been expelled from Labour and stood as independent, is linked to the Islamic Forum Europe. Lutfur’s nomination papers were reportedly signed by Abul “Abs” Hussain, a man expelled from RESPECT for racism while his campaign was run by RESPECT.

There is a must-read piece by Councillor Jessica Assato on the Labour Uncut blog. She argues for the need for Labour to take a more hands-on approach to politics in Tower Hamlets. Most of which is it imported wholesale from Bangladesh, and continues to taint the political landscape in the community with communalism and inter-Muslim tensions.

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