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Islam must be scrutinised

This is a press release by The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain would like to make public its support for Tom Holland’s Channel 4 documentary ‘Islam: The Untold Story’. We are indignant to learn that due to threats made on Holland, Channel 4 has cancelled a repeat screening of the historical inquiry into the origins of Islam similar to the kind of inquiry that has been applied to other religions and histories in Britain for many years.

The threats and concerted attempt to stigmatise the documentary and its producers by attacking its credibility and even legitimacy as a field of inquiry is nothing less than an attempt to impose a blasphemy taboo by stealth and coercion against programming that scrutinises Islam.

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BMF Supports the Zakir Naik Ban

The British Muslim Forum supports the ban on Dr Zakir Naik by the Home Secretary Theresa May from entering the UK for his “unacceptable behaviour”.

The British Muslim Forum being the voice of the majority of the two million Muslims who are Traditional Sunnis (which incorporates Sufism) and representative body of the majority of the twelve hundred Mosques & Islamic Institutes in the UK understands more than anyone that Muslims in Britain should stand together for the wider interests of our communities but not on the price of terrorism or supporters of terrorism and divisions.

Maulana Ahmad Nisar Beg Qadri, Vice-Chairman of the British Muslim Forum said:

“We are British Muslims. Our religion does not allow any kind of terror where ever we are. We have to prove that we Muslims are best British citizens, patriotic, law abiding and peace loving”.

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“Defensive Jihad” Not Antithetical to Human Rights says Amnesty Imternational

The shocked response to this appalling statement by the Secretary General of Amnesty International has been released in a press release by Human Rights For All


April 1, 2010

Response from Amnesty international to the global petition and a Response from the petitioners

In a letter in response to the Global Petition to Amnesty International, the Secretary General of Amnesty International makes a shocking and incredible claim that “Defensive Jihad not antithetical to Human Rights”. If this is the official position of the world’s leading human rights organisation, this would gravely undermine the future of the human rights movment.

The rationale and call for ‘defensive jihad’ runs through many muslim fundamentalist texts. It is precisely ‘defensive jihad’ that the Taleban use to legitimise its anti human rights actions such as the beheading of dissidents, attacks on minorities, attacks on schools and religious shrines and the public lashing of women. A similar logic based on ‘defence of religion’ is used by the Christian right to justify the killing of doctors providing abortion services as well as by Hindutva fundamentalists to justify their violent attacks against Muslims and Christians in India.

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