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The Cretinism of George Galloway

Pearls of wisdom from George Galloway, Britain’s second highest profile “revert” and Assad supporter.

Warning: Arsehole alert.

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Obituary: Adil Fakieh (Minister of Saudisation and Slavery)

This is a guest post from Saudi Arabia by Mullah Anonymous

Minister of Saudisation and Slavery

It is with regret to announce the sudden death of the Yemeni origin Saudi Minister of Labour Mr. Adel Fakieh. His death was a result a Road Traffic Accident. He was being driven by a Bangali chauffeur whose work permit profession was documented as baker. The car was of German origin while the colliding vehicle was Japanese whose driver is of Sudani origin . Mr. Adel was dressed in the finest robes at the time made of silk from Iran and stitched by the tailors from Pakistan. Emergency services move his obese body from the accident site to the Indian owned Saudi German Hospital. Attempts by professional Filpino and Egyptian medical staff (who were very busy training certain idiotic Saudi graduates of Bedouin origins on the importance of oxygen to the human brain), were unsuccessful. All the work permits of the medical staff were in order, except the radiologist from India was discovered to have a fake degree.

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How to win votes and influence people

By following two simple rules:

1) Invoke the “Eternal punishment of Allah” on people if they don’t vote for you:

2) Out-Muslim and out-Pakistani your Muslim opponent by claiming not to drink alcohol and insinuate the other guy is a lesser Muslim and unfit for public office because he might.

“Let me point out to all the Muslim brothers and sisters what I stand for. I, George Galloway, do not drink alcohol and never have. Ask yourself if the other candidate [the Labour candidate, Imran Hussain] in this election can say that truthfully. I, George Galloway, have fought for the Muslims at home and abroad, all my life, and paid a price for it. I, George Galloway, hold Pakistan’s highest civil awards.”

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRespect! Praise be to Allah!

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Dirty Kuffar

There’s the parody of the parody, ragga-stylee:

And then there’s the acoustic parody of the parody of the parody:

h/t: A & S (The Glimmer Twins)

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Potatoes and Eggs

These guys are either very brave or very stupid. By taking the piss out of the all-powerful Pakistani military, its political establishment and its Islamist sympathies in a satirical music video on a wide-range of issues that vex many Pakistanis – they are taking a big “artistic risk”. Take a look at the last still in the video; the singer holds up a placard which has written on it:

“If you want a bullet through my head ‘Like This Video’.”

Here is the WSJ:

The Punjabi song is called “Aalu Anday” (potatoes and eggs), an allusion to food price inflation. It had around 85,000 views on YouTube within days of being uploaded.

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Rebranding al Qaeda

In the last days of his life, the AP reports, Osama bin Laden considered changing the name because of a loss in the al Qaeda brand worth most likely caused by its connotations to indiscriminate slaughter and wanton violence and some very wanky student politics at a few of University of London ISOCs.

The problem with the name al-Qaida, bin Laden wrote in a letter recovered from his compound in Pakistan, was that it lacked a religious element, something to convince Muslims worldwide that they are in a holy war with America.

Maybe something like Taifat al-Tawhed Wal-Jihad, meaning Monotheism and Jihad Group, would do the trick, he wrote. Or Jama’at I’Adat al-Khilafat al-Rashida, meaning Restoration of the Caliphate Group.

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Best HT Chat Up Lines

These were sent in by brother Muhammed, Londoner and an ex-Hizbie. Enjoy.

Takbir! *points AK47 upwards and fires a few rounds into the air*

  1. Is that a copy of Nidham al-Islam in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
  2. Fancy joining my halaqa?
  3. Y’know, I’ve read all three volumes of Islamic Shaksiyyah, in Arabic.
  4. Your jilbab looks amazing.
  5. You know babe, I sold the most copies of Khilafah magazine in Stoke on Trent last month.
  6. I just want to read mafahim to you all night.
  7. Hey there, I couldn’t help but notice the way you were handing out those leaflets.
  8. A hot girl walks past three shabs. The first says, ‘subhanallah’. The second says ‘mashallah’. The third says, ‘inshallah’.
  9. So, babe, want me to show you some dangerous concepts?
  10. I’m going to add you to my list of dawah contacts.
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Weard Beards

Gillette boycott:

Shaving Weard Invokes Wrath of Allah

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Watching Al-Muhajiroun Watch Porn

The website Islambase was the online presence for members of Anjem Chaudhuri’s rebooted incarnations of Al-Muhajiroun – Saved Sect and Al-Ghuraaba (or Mojos as we prefer to call them) – after the demise of Omar Bakri’s Paltalk. In December 2007 Islambase was part of an investigation by a team of Russian hackers, who entered several extremist Islamist sites around the world. They recorded the key strokes of certain users of these extremist sites for up to several days and have helpfully published their findings.

So what can we see from the reports? What kind of noble and conscientious activities did these pious, virtuous and upright Muslims get up to online in preparation for jihad on earth and for life in the hereafter?

Guy Baldwin, who is a techie and terror tracker, checked out the results of the Russian investigations and he has gives us the shocking but wholly predictable look into the porn consumption of Anjem’s homeboys and girls:

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The Mullah Show

Pass me the remote control, I want to watch the Mullah Show on the Islamist Channel!

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