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seven modest proposals for the british jewish community

the ferocious but charming miriam shaviv over at the jc is blogging a number of “daily proposals to transform the british jewish community” during march. i was discussing this with my redoubtable other half over friday night dinner and we thought the following might be worth submission:

1. transparency at the jewish leadership council

ok, we know who the board of deputies are. we know what it’s for. we know how it’s funded. we know how you get to be on it. we know who it represents. now, we have this new organisation called the “jewish leadership council”. on it, you have various movers and shakers, you’ve got the vc/banking/property tycoons, you’ve got the charity/safety/israel activists, you’ve got synagogue movement machers, you’ve got access, you’ve got international connections, you’ve got lords, baronesses, knights and the chair of ujs – you’ve got two women and no rabbis, for some reason. you’ve got no haredim, for some other reason. you’ve got leaders from the most broad-based and influential organisations in the community – but what are they for? clearly, this is an influential bunch of people, but who chooses them? who decided that there should be a jewish leadership council in the first place? how are they accountable? what is their strategy? what is their relationship with the board? how is it funded? i for one would like to know.

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the kangaroo court of militant atheism is a toxic, anti-reason fallacy

on a recent visit to the natural history museum, i was struck by the number of hijabs, kippot and crucifixes on display. unfazed by fossils, geological displays of the age of the earth, australopithecine skulls and the marble statue of darwin that gazes enigmatically over the entrance hall, they gamely queued for the dinosaur exhibit, children in tow, back and forth beneath the massive skeleton of diplodocus, eager to expand their knowledge of the universe. it was an inspiring sight and one that i found immensely encouraging given the current level and tone of debate between religion and science. nobody appeared to be there to tell their children “and these are the fake animals G!D Placed in the earth to Test our faith”. everywhere were children asking clear, in some cases unsettling questions about how things came to be.

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Muslim extremist hosted by Kings College London

This is a press release from Outrage


Jews, gays and kaffirs are “filth” says fanatical cleric

Universities fail to block “gateways” to fundamentalism and terrorism

Sheikh Quick

London – 24 February 2010

In defiance of its own equal opportunities policy, King’s College London (KCL) is hosting the Muslim fundamentalist fanatic, Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick, this Thursday, 25 February, at 6pm in the Raked Lecture Theatre, The Strand, London.

He is anti-Semitic and homophobic. He denounces the “filth” of Jews (Yahood) and kaffirs. See here (about 3.50 minutes into the video):

He says homosexuals should be executed (MP3).

Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick is on record as preaching:

  • AIDS is caused by the “filthy practices” of homosexuals
  • Homosexuals are dropping dead from AIDS and “they want to take us all down with them”
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New Report on British Far-Right Militants

A new report released today by the Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC) and Nothing British exposes violent ideology of white supremacism.  Featured in yesterday’s News of the World, Blood & Honour: Britain’s Far-Right Militants analyses the threat posed by white supremacist militant network, Blood & Honour (B&H).  Click here to download full report.

B&H is an international neo-Nazi network that has evolved from its original incarnation as a neo-Nazi music scene into a far-right franchise.Through music CDs and ideological texts, the B&H network reinforces and disseminates a violent ‘white power’ supremacist ideology, encourages terrorism and spreads racial hatred. This ideology derives from Third Reich Nazism and B&H seeks the creation of a ‘Fourth Reich’. While it is not an organisation with official membership, B&H acts as an effective international network through which to spread violent neo-Nazism.

Connections to Far-Right Terrorism

A number of recently convicted far-right terrorists were found to be followers of B&H music and literature:

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None So Blind

This is a cross-post by habibi from Harry’s Place


The government and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) are talking again:

“The Muslim Council of Britain has made a commitment to Government to examine their internal processes and ensure that the personal actions of all members, including senior leaders, remain true to the organisation’s agreed policies, avoiding a repeat of the issues which arose after one member signed the Istanbul Declaration.

“The MCB has stated its categorical opposition to attacks on British defence interests and confirmed its unwavering support for British troops across the world. It has also made clear that it stands firmly against Anti-Semitism and other forms of racism.

“The significance of these actions on the part of the MCB has led to the Government lifting the suspension of its formal relationship with that organisation. The MCB will now contribute to ongoing dialogue with Government as one amongst a wide range of Muslim organisations.

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Kaboom and Brum

This is a cross-post by habibi of Harry’s Place


Azzam “Kaboom” Tamimi, one of the UK’s most radical Islamists, is scheduled to address a conference at the University of Birmingham on 20 January.

The conference is titled “In Pursuit of Justice: Remember Gaza” and is organised by the university’s student Islamic society (ISOC).

Tamimi’s fellow speakers will be Tony Benn and Mike Cushman of the British Committee for Universities for Palestine and Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods.

Tamimi is not the first radical guest of the ISOC. Just last month it hosted Abu Usamah At Thahabi, imam of the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham, where Jew hating preachers are invited to speak and defended. Thahabi was barred from addressing an event at University College London (UCL) in November 2009, but was apparently still welcome in Birmingham the following month.

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Hope not Hate in Harrow

SIOE Leader Stephen Gash had said that the SIOE demo at Harrow Central Mosque yesterday would attract 2,000 supporters out of the 3,200 he claimed as total membership for his organisation. However, the BBC reports that fifteen SIOE protesters turned up in Harrow. Although from my estimates, fifteen is possibly overly generous of Aunty.

Asim Siddiqui sees at least one encouraging sign in the rise of white-race supremacist movements of the far-right resurgent all over Europe and now getting its freak on in Britain:

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Required Reading for Ed Balls

The Centre for Social Cohesion has this disturbing news:

Haringey Council has announced today that it has resumed funding to the Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation (ISF), a registered educational charity with links to HT. Funding was suspended in October this year following revelations by the CSC and Sunday Telegraph that it received over £113,000 in government grants for its schools in Haringey and Slough in 2007/08. The Haringey Council investigation claimed to have found no evidence of ‘inappropriate influence’ at the ISF school in North London.

Here are two documents that should be made required reading for the Secretary for Schools, Ed “Minister of Hizb ut Tahrir” Balls.

The first is the curriculum of the ISF Schools – signed off by OFSTED in 2005. The second is the article on education policy written in Khilafah, a Hizb ut Tahrir publication, by one of the three trustees who run the school, Farah Ahmed who is the headteacher of the Slough ISF School.

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Viva Palestina, Mahathir and IHH

This is a cross-post by habibi from Harry’s Place


Viva Palestina, a registered British charity, is George Galloway’s Hamas support operation.

As Galloway said in Gaza in March 2009:

By Allah, we carried a lot of cash here. You thought we were all fat. We are not fat. This is money that we have around our waists.

They gave sweets and cigarettes to the inspectors, and when the inspectors’ backs were turned, they put back on the vehicles that which the inspectors had taken off the vehicles. And some of the inspectors were happy to turn their backs.

We are giving you now 100 vehicles and all of the contents, and we make no apology for what I am about to say: we are giving them to the elected government of Palestine. To the prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh. Here is the money. This is not charity. This is not charity. This is not charity, this is politics.

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Questions for David Miller at Neocon Europe

Last week, The Spittoon published a two-part exposé (Part 1 and Part 2) of the workings of the Neocon Europe website and, in particular, Professor David Miller of Strathclyde University, its leading editor. We were especially concerned at how the site came to reproduce material and commentary from the notorious anti-semite Kevin MacDonald.

It is not only the contributors of David Miller’s Neocon Europe site who find the racist and essentialist ideas of MacDonald appealing. MacDonald also happens to be lovingly quoted by Lee John Barnes, the “legal representative” of the BNP.

Following the publication of the articles on The Spittoon, Professor Miller published a statement of correction last week:

The Spittoon does correctly note that the statements were removed from this website some time before the Spittoon published its allegations. This was carried out by myself at 07:17hrs on 11 November 2009 as soon as I became aware that they had been posted on the site.

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