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Date Hate

This is a cross-post by habibi from Harry’s Place

Here’s a report in The Guardian about the latest antics of Ismail Patel’s “Friends of al Aqsa”.

British Muslims are being urged to boycott Israeli dates when breaking their fast during Ramadan in protest at the continued occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Campaign organisers Friends of Al Aqsa hope the boycott will dwarf previous attempts to hit Israel in the pocket, capitalising on the attention afforded to the plight of Palestinians by the deadly Israeli attack on a flotilla carrying aid to Gaza at the end of May.

The focus is on dates because of their symbolic importance to Muslims, who traditionally consume them at sunset during the holy month – due to begin on Wednesday next week – to break the daylight fast.

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When Jew hatred is dressed up as faith

The video that follows are excerpts from a religious program hosted by Egyptian cleric Hussam Fawzi Jabar, which aired on Al-Nas TV on July 11, 2010.

Here we see a cleric in traditional ‘mufti’ attire expounding on the “nature of Jews” in the most egregious terms possible. But his words and opinions are considered acceptable, even laudable, to the Muslim laity because he is a religious figure, and because he is speaking in Arabic. The fact that he is expounding his political views and not purely religious ones is immaterial.

And yet these kinds of views expressed in this kind of language will pass without comment amongst Muslims. And why? Because of the received belief that there is no distinction between religion and politics and because the political views of some cleric in Egypt are supposedly the views of all Muslims everywhere else.

Transcript from MEMRI:

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Egyptian Apartheid

Certain ideologues of the left who have appointed themselves as ‘Custodians for the Protection of Muslims’ (CPMs) would have us believe that Israel is the last outpost of apartheid. Take a look at Pickled Politics, Socialist (dis)Unity and the ever reliable Islamophobia-Watch, for a few examples.

But look at this new law passed in Egypt:

CAIRO — Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court upheld a ruling on Saturday, that orders the country’s Interior Ministry to strip citizenship from Egyptians married to Israeli women.

The court said that the Interior Ministry should present each marriage case to the Cabinet on an individual basis. The Cabinet will then rule on whether to strip the Egyptian of his citizenship, taking into consideration whether a man married an Israeli Arab or a Jew when making its decision to revoke citizenship.

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“Gather the Jews in Israel, so they’re easier to hunt down”

This is a cross-post from Student Rights


There’s a video that’s being circulated around the United States and I think it’s worthwhile that it gets seen in this country. What’s happening at university campuses over there is very similar to the issues we face in terms of radicalisation and extremism. The video shows us precisely what runs through the mind of a Muslim Students Association (MSA-US) member at the University of California San Diego.

No matter what your opinion of the speaker, David Horowitz is – it should be glaringly obvious that the girl’s response to his question in this clip is a call to genocide, plainly and simply. She states that she fears being arrested by Homeland Security for supporting Hamas (as any glorification of terror is illegal) and flippantly dismisses Horowitz’s referral to Israel Apartheid Week as ‘Hitler Youth Week’. This may seem divisive from him at first, but when you see her answer to his last question; it’s more than a justified definition of what extremists are promoting on campuses.

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religious idiots round up: vengeful volcanoes

of course, nobody should be surprised that when a natural disaster occurs, the usual suspects jump on the bandwagon to explain why it proves their wacky theologies and that G!D Is Having a good old Smite at people of whom they disapprove or, alternatively, that it’s all part of the dastardly plans of the illuminati or reptilian space overlords.

a reptilian overlord yesterday

anyway, we’ve had boobquake, gayquake and immorality-inspired flooding so, predictably, our new icelandic friend eyjafjallajökull has been pressed into surface for this purpose, proving variously that:

1. we should never have turned on that large hadron collider

2. iceland is being too tolerant of neo-paganism and europe of gay rights

3. G!D Disapproves of “obamacare”

4. people are having a go at the pope

5. aliens (or satan) are doing space paintings with ufos

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BNP = British Nutters Party

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A “Leading Human Rights Organisation” on Zionist Tentacles

This is a cross-post by habibi


So Amnesty International is standing by Moazzam Begg and Cageprisoners.

Let’s have a look at a new article by Yvonne Ridley, published on Cageprisoners’ website. It provides another insight into the mentality of the Islamist outfit. Ridley is Cageprisoners’ patron, as well as a Hamas funder and a presenter for Press TV, the English language voice of the Tehran regime.

The topic is the rioters at last winter’s anti-Israel and pro-Hamas demonstrations in London. Who should be blamed for criminals being brought to book? That’s easy:

For too long have we allowed the long, poisonous tentacles of Zionism and Islamaphobia to twist and weave their way into British courts. Ordinary, law-abiding citizens of faith and no faith have had enough of seeing our courtrooms hijacked by those who believe some are more equal than others when it comes to freedoms and liberties.

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Has the BNP had a Damascene conversion?

This is a cross-post of an article by Edmund Standing


BNP Leader Nick Griffin has issued a ‘Special Easter Message from the Chairman‘ in which he is now presenting himself as something like the Christian equivalent of an Islamist. Misrepresenting the BNP’s true beliefs as usual, Griffin has now attempted to create a ‘Christian’ smokescreen in order to hide the real agenda of the BNP.

Griffin’s Easter message:

A special event that happened recently has changed my outlook on our struggle and the situation facing our sacred country. That event was the peaceful, sensible, mature debate with the Christian Party leader George Hargreaves and a large number of Christian Party members. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire debate which was noticeably absent of the usual hysterical fanaticism of the liberal-left.

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New Anti-BNP Blog

The BNP is going through a rebranding process just as its predecessor, the National Front, put itself through in the 1980s.

The white supremacism and the race politics  of the National Front, the BNP and whatever it is currently morphing into remains fundamentally equivalent. To highlight the mendacity of the real BNP, here is a new blog called BNP Facts, which has recently been unveiled.

Point your blog aggregators at it and subscribe.

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Look Who’s Talking

This is a cross-post by habibi from Harry’s Place


How dare George Galloway invoke antisemitism in the name of his filthy politics. Have a look:

The same sleight of hand was in play a century ago, when old religious prejudices against Jews became fused with anti-immigration rhetoric and transformed into a prejudice directed at an ethnic, cultural group, which increasingly became defined as that scientifically inaccurate category – race.

It is no exaggeration to say that you can pore over parliamentary debates, politicians’ speeches and media exposes a century ago in London’s East End and, by substituting Muslim for Jew, find exact parallels with today’s prejudiced ravings.

This from a man who defended the blood libel of Swedish journalist Donald Bostrom, even resorting to a vile Mengele slur:

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