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David Miller of SpinWatch Spins More Lies

A shoddy piece of smear-mongering against The Spittoon perpetrated by Professor David Miller of the University of Strathclyde has recently come to our attention:

It has also exposed The Spittoon, a McCarthyite operation run by members of Centre for Social Cohesion in collaboration, for a while at least, with members of the government funded Quilliam Foundation.[25] This expose was not well-received by the interests behind The Spittoon. The website first tried to intimidate the Powerbase researcher who had made the discovery with threatening emails, followed by a smear campaign, which was coordinated with an allied attack blog, Harry’s Place.[26] Shortly afterwards a similar smear campaign was also directed against the founder of Powerbase. Several neoconservative operators have also tried to use legal threats to shut Powerbase down. In June 2010, Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens of the Centre for Social Cohesion, a frequent contributor to The Spittoon, successfully pressured Powerbase’s British domain name registrar to temporarily shut down the website.

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Iran Spells Out “Idiot” In Olympics Farce

This is a guest post by Mr Happy

It’s taken about four years but Iran’s clerical fascists have stumbled on a secret, but deadly, plot by Jews to deface the Olympic logo with the secret message of ‘Zion’.

No I’m not making this up. Jonathon Kay, who comments for the Canadian National Post has the lowdown:

The 2012 London Olympics are more than a year away, but Iran already is threatening to boycott them. According to Bahram Afsharzadeh, secretary general of Iran’s National Olympic Committee, the 2012 Olympic logo secretly spells out the word “Zion”, which makes it “racist”. The Iranians also claim that use of the logo “is a disgracing action and against the Olympics’ valuable mottos”.

But Kay asks could this be part of a bigger conspiracy?

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Top Tory Defends iEngage, Attacks Lord Janner

This is a cross-post by Lucy Lips

The JC reports that Marjorie Thompson, formerly the Chair of CND but now chair of the Conservative Cooperative Movement and spokesperson for the Islamist campaigning group, iEngage, has made an utterly disgraceful attack on the veteran Labour Peer, Lord Janner:

In what is becoming an increasingly bitter dispute, iEngage spokesperson Marjorie Thompson told the JC she did not believe Lord Janner had signed up to the APPG in good faith. “It strikes me that Greville Janner joined the group to directly sabotage it,” she said.

Labour peer Lord Gulam Noon, who is a trustee of the Coexistence Trust, set up by Lord Janner and Prince Hassan of Jordan to combat antisemitism and Islamophobia, said: “Greville Janner has always fought all forms of racism, including Islamophobia”

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Contrasting Reactions to the Holocaust and Other Genocides

Today Muslims and Jews in Cardiff observed Holocaust Memorial Day with an exhibition of photography held in Cardiff University and co-hosted between the Jewish Society and the Muslim Council of Wales. The exhibition commemorates a largely forgotten piece of history which tells the story of how the lives of 2,000 Jews were saved by Muslims in Albania in 1942 and 1943.

The reason the story has only emerged recently is because Albania was cocooned for 50 years by a xenophobic dictatorship that permitted its citizens no contact with the outside world.

Remona Aly, campaigns director of the Exploring Islam Foundation, which is helping promote Gershman’s book, said: “We want to show how Islam promotes diversity and co-existence and has no tolerance of anti-Semitism. The message of this project is more vital now than ever before.

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Spin Profiles continues spinning

This is a cross-post by Shiraz Maher from Standpoint Magazine


The gorgeous Lucy Lips, now freshly tanned from her winter break in the Seychelles, alerts me to an ongoing dispute with Tom Griffin – a writer for David Miller’s smear projects which include Powerbase (formerly Spin Profiles) and the now defunct Neocon Europe.

Readers of this blog will remember that Miller’s website reproduced the work of neo-Nazi Kevin MacDonald as unbiased, objective analysis of Jews including a list of ‘characteristics of Jewish intellectual movements’.

Lucy accused Griffin of being the one who reproduced that material although he has denied it. There is little point in questioning the veracity of his denial. He states:

This allegation is false and I demand that Harry’s Place retract it.

The problem is that Griffin’s boss, David Miller, simply refuses to answer the very simple questions that both Faisal Gazi (from the Spittoon) and I have put to him in the past about this matter.

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The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Forging lies and slander

This is a guest post by Raziq

In 2005 Marc Levin, a Jewish-American film maker released an interesting documentary about a rise in anti-Semitism after the 9/11 attacks. It consisted mainly of Levin engaging with a diverse range of people which included: white nationalists, black nationalists, Arab-Americans,   evangelicals, Kabbalist rabbis, holocaust survivors and even the founder of the website Jew Watch.

According to Levin he had been prompted to make the film after an encounter in a New York cab shortly after 9/11. His driver an Egyptian immigrant had claimed that Jews had been warned not to go to work on the day of the attacks. When probed further the driver had told Levin that “it’s all written in the book”.

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‘Burn a Quran Day’ and its precedents

This is Dr Terry Jones, senior pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center of Florida, a “New Testament Church – based on the Bible, the Word of God”, interviewed on CNN on his plans to commemorate 9/11 by organising ‘Burn a Quran Day’.

The echoes of 1933 when the Nazis burnt some 20,000 books in Germany is clear. But this is not the first time Christian fundamentalists in the USA have shown their intolerance towards books by burning them, as this video show.

It goes without saying that this is an outrageous act of provocation. The fear is – how will Muslims react to this? My only hope is that they will not respond to this act of irrational cynicism and stupidity by reacting in kind, or worse. But perhaps that is asking for too much.

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The Ahmadiyyah Movement: Not so moderate

This is a guest post by Raziq

Followers of the Ahmadiyya movement (known as Ahmadis) are often victims of religious bigotry. They have long been popular targets of religious extremists and have suffered a great deal, especially in Pakistan where they have been continuously persecuted.  Like most commentators on this site I utterly deplore such actions and I defend the right of Ahmadis to freedom of religion.

I personally spent a number of years studying Ahmadi literature, meeting their leaders and discussing their beliefs.  In this article I intend to explain their beliefs, their attitudes towards other faiths and their political views.

The Founder

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religious people need to recommit to and engage with critical thinking

following an unusually thoughtful broadcast last week by richard dawkins (he’s obviously trying to take on board how much his militancy turns people off by some of the pleas he made on behalf of sacred texts as fine language, cultural literacy and so on) i am grappling again with some of the issues raised by faith schools in the critical thinking debate. dawkins, as per usual, lumped all faith schools together as a) proponents of segregation (for which there is some justification) and b) closers, rather than openers of young minds – the segment in which he, somewhat exasperatedly, grappled with the islamic school science class with an apparent 100% rejection of evolution was a powerful statement. however, also as per usual, he implied (by saying that he “worried that”) this was inevitable in a situation where the parents’ wishes about what they wanted their children exposed to overruled the presumed human rights of children to make up their own mind about what they thought was interesting or worthwhile. this argument was given short shrift by a catholic educationalist from northern ireland, who told him he was simply imposing his own expectations over those of the parents concerned; i personally thought they struggled with the editing a little if they were seeking to show that the wishes of parents were unreasonable; this wasn’t the strongest argument i’ve ever seen against faith schools. in my opinion, they’d have done better to concentrate on the ethos of these schools as exclusivist and contrary to “community cohesion”, but then again, what do i know?

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Is this the “counter-Enlightenment”?

i’ve not posted for a while, mostly because of pressure of work, but there are a number of things which are currently causing me to more or less lose sleep.

recently, i gave up posting on pickled politics, partly because of the level of personal animosity i was facing, but mostly just in frustration at my apparent inability to get my point across. now, i suppose i have nobody very much to blame for that apart from myself, but i’ve never felt that was a problem before now. now, i think i’m starting to work out what it is that is bothering me; certainly, it’s not about the denizens of one blog, or even the blogosphere, or even the media. it’s not any one set of views, not any one person, but a set of trends, a collective movement i sense in wider society.

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