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Raed Salah Released on Bail

The British pro-Hamas group, Friends of Al-Aqsa are very happy to announce their hero Raed Salah, the anti-Jewish bigot and so-called “Gandhi of Palestine”, has been released on bail and is free to spread his message of Jew-hatred in Britain.

The news has been received with joy by Salah’s supporters from the Muslim religious-right of Britain. It means Salah is free to do more of this kind of thing in this country:

Inayat Bunglawala, for example, was so perturbed by the detention of this particular hate-preacher that he dropped all erstwhile pretence of being a “liberal Muslim” and exposed his true associations:

From today, I am adding a number of links to websites that the Zionists would rather wish you and I would not look at including Hizbullah’s al-Manar, al-Jazeera, Press TV. I will add to it in the coming days and weeks, insha’ Allah. Do encourage others to do the same to counteract the influence of a largely craven British media.

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Today the Murdoch Empire, Tomorrow the Pro-Fascist Left?

Nick Cohen thinks that the sections of the media and the political establishments of the “liberal-left” which reflexively supports and patronises Islamist theocratic movements (largely because they are “politically correct” stevedores of anti-semitism) will ultimately be dismantled with the same lightning speed as with the unravelling of the Murdoch media empire. Can he be right?

When you watch Baroness Jenny Tonge for the Liberal Democrats, Jeremy Corbyn for Labour or the Muslim Council of Britain, Cage Prisoners or – and I am ashamed to say this – the “liberal” press where I make my living, you see them deploy two tactics. The first is a determined refusal to admit the nature of radical Islam. They never discuss the misogyny, homophobia and antisemitism, let alone stir themselves to confront it.

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more precision needed – and include me out!

from the excellent-but-ferocious ophelia benson at butterflies and wheels:

“More precision needed. There should be a stamp for that. MPN should be like LOL or TMI.”

i agree. what narks me somewhat (and no doubt there are all sorts of reasons why i am wrong about this) is that this is *precisely* what bothers me about statements about a) religious people and b) the tendentious-as-feck word “judeo-christian”.

“But there again – that’s a matter of fact, not something that can just be declared from the armchair as if it were self-evident. Are Muslims as “diverse” as any other group of people living in the UK? Are all groups living in the UK exactly as diverse as each other, neither more nor less? I don’t see why that would be the case. It’s certainly not impossible that there is something about Islam and/or the history of people who emigrate from majority-Muslim countries that makes Muslims as a group tend to be different from other people as groups, including being less “diverse.” That’s something to find out, not just to announce as a necessary truth. Or a sacred cow…”

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The Evangelical Intifada

This is a guest-post by Joseph Weissman

Stephen Sizer is a well-known Anglican vicar and theologian, who presents himself as a world expert on extreme theology. Sizer claims that most Christians who support Israel are “Christian Zionists” obsessed with the End Times. Dr Anthony McRoy is an evangelical theologian and Bible lecturer who holds similar beliefs to Sizer, and also sees Christian Zionists as a major obstacle to peace. But there is another side to Sizer and McRoy.

In 2007, Sizer accepted an invitation to give a series of lectures in Iran. Sizer was invited by Ayatollah Khomeini’s daughter – Zahra Mostafavi. Ayatollah Khomeini ruled Iran with an iron fist.

Under Khomeini’s rule, many Christians were arrested and even killed, for “heresy” and “insulting Khomeini”. Khomeini died in 1989, but his cruel ‘Khomeinist’ politics live on. Sizer has aligned his theology to co-operate with Khomeinist politics. McRoy has presented Khomeinist suicide bombers as virtuous.

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Bob Lambert is wrong about Raed Salah – hate preacher, anti-semite and conspiracy theorist

This is a cross-post by Rashad Ali from ConservativeHome

Robert Lambert yesterday mistakenly criticized the government for its position on excluding and subsequently arresting the hate preacher Raed Salah, as reported on Newsnight , not for his political views, but for violating his notice of exclusion under UK immigration law. Lambert refers to Saleh as “Sheikh” and  presents him as merely a persecuted Palestinian activist.

  In his piece, Lambert tries to say that the controversy is about Israel and nothing to do anti-semitism, extremism, support for Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, or in fact any connections with officially-designated extreme or terrorist groups.

Lambert is either ignorant of the facts, incompetent or simply not concerned with them at all.

  He states that “anger and frustration with Israeli oppression is hardly the same as unwarranted hatred of a minority or majority community of any kind.”  

But Salah has said:

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Standing By Extremists Undermines Liberals

This is a cross-post by Lucy Lips from Harry’s Place

A number of liberal Rabbis have endorsed London Citizens, in the wake of the revelation that their Deputy Chair, Junaid Ahmed regards Hamas as “heroes”.

Here’s a report from the JC:

As the controversy deepened, Rabbi Jeremy Gordon told New London Synagogue in his weekly address: “I’ve watched the speech and I’m in pain as these people, who inspire terrorist atrocities, are held up as heroes.”

Rabbi Gordon said he remained a supporter of London Citizens. “Someone has to care about bringing diverse communities together and I have met no-one who does that better than London Citizens.”

At the New North London Synagogue, Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg also wrote to members. He said: “The JC named me today for my participation in events held by London Citizens, criticising the organisation because of the role within it of a Muslim leader who, the paper shows, expressed support for Hamas during the Gaza war. I abhor such views and expect London Citizens to take this matter most seriously.”

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The Political Religion: The York PSC and its Advocates

This is a cross-post from quidnunc

It is shocking when one encounters idealistic hate. It is yet more shocking when a University, an institution founded upon the very concepts of tolerance, does little to stem this hate. But it is absolutely terrifyingly when a representative of the university acts on behalf of such hate.

In 2009, Andrew Collingwood, a University of York staff member and laughably also a ‘harassment advisor’, published photos of a protest with which he was involved, including one of a placard (below) that was deemed deeply offensive by Jewish groups, anti-racism organisations and media outlets. By publishing this photo alongside other protests of the rally, it was the opinion of many people that Collingwood was publishing a de facto endorsement of the placard’s disgusting message.

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Press TV and the Protocols

This is a cross-post by Dave Rich of CST

Iran’s English-language station Press TV was censured by Ofcom this week for airing an interview with a jailed Iranian journalist which was obtained by force during his imprisonment. This is not the first time that Ofcom have ruled against Press TV, and the Iranian channel seems to be getting a bit annoyed at all the attention.

In response, Press TV have published an article on their website, written by a friend of former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, which accuses Ofcom of being part of the plot outlined in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. (This is not a joke).

You can read more about the author of the piece, Mark Dankof, on the JHate blog. He concludes his piece by lauding Press TV:

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Understanding Hitler

The Guardian reports on Lars Von Trier speaking at the premier of his new film at Cannes:

Lars Von Trier is known for being unpredictable, quixotic, puckish and deliberately provocative. But even he over-leaped his high standards of eccentricity as he spoke before the Cannes premiere of Melancholia, his latest film, announcing “I’m a Nazi” and that he “understands Hitler”.

Watch him for yourself:

Like plain old racism, European anti-semitism never really went away. It just became cool, “unpredictable, quixotic, puckish and deliberately provocative”. Surely now his admission qualifies Von Trier for a guest-editorial slot on the New Statesman and a post or two with like-minded friends on Liberal Conspiracy. And no doubt, he will now be held in great esteem by David Miller and his coterie of academics who run SpinWatch.

Take note Ashgar Bukhari.

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is honest dialogue compatible with the exposure of dishonest dialogue?

we at the spittoon seem spend a lot of time both criticising people who appear to be disingenuous, swivel-eyed fundamentalist weasels and their stooges, as well as calling for honest, open-hearted dialogue and support for a stronger, more liberal society in which both jews and muslims have a role to play, not just as citizens, but as jews and muslims. we believe both in the robust defence of liberty and the principles of democracy as well as aspiring to a better, more peaceful future in which people of differing religions, cultures and points of view will be able to live together – call it a messianic vision, if you like, or even “roddenberry-lite”, but we don’t see why people can’t “sit under their vine and fig-tree, with nobody to make them afraid“.

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