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Fascism without Racism

This is a guest post by Hugo Schmidt

Those who call the EDL racist are dangerously missing the point

Confronted with something completely new, people translate it back into language they understand.  Hence the sign Smash the racist EDL! Good sentiment but claptap.  Racist movements do not, as a rule, have signs saying Black and White Unite! or insist on multi-racial recruitment, or pick fights with real racists and physically toss them out, all of which the EDL has done.

That doesn’t make it nice.  ”They said I deserved to be raped in the head because of my last name”, said a young lady on the fringes of the protest.  I believe her; Alexander Melagrou-Hitchens and Nick Cohen, two sources I trust, have reported similar things.  Being non-racist or anti-racist doesn’t make the EDL innocuous but it can make it more dangerous.  What we might be seeing in real time is the birth of a truly British form of fascism.

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Islam or Atheism – Which is More Rational?

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan

‘Islam or Atheism – Which is More Rational?’ was the title of a recent debate that took place at University College of London. It may as well have been titled ’7th century Arabian goat herder myths or a rational scientific approach – which makes more sense? In any case, the debate pitted well-known US atheist Prof. Lawrence Krauss against a little known UK-based Muslim called Hamza Tzortszis and was organised by a group calling itself IERA.

Upon digging a little deeper, I found that IERA, far from being moderate or even traditional Muslims, are actually a group of Islamist extremists with strong Wahabi influences that routinely intimidate and attack moderate Muslims whilst towing the Saudi-Wahabi line. Their speakers promote sexism, anti-semitism, wife-beating, apostate-killing and a whole range of other unsavoury things. It therefore, came as no surprise that the event was segregated, the so-called moderator was a member of IERA and the hand picked audience was 90% Muslim. The security guards were also IERA affiliated and did their level best to intimidate atheist guests.

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Islam and Moral Absolutism

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan

In recent debates between Muslim preachers and atheist activists, the issue of absolute morality or moral absolutism has been frequently and enthusiastically raised. This seems to be the believers new trump card since no-one is buying the scientific miracles in the Qur’an humbug any more.

The argument goes along these lines. If one does not follow religion, how can one know right from wrong? What guides one’s morality or prevents one from killing, stealing or having sex with their mother? Surely morality without the divine, being subject to human whims, interests and desires, will fluctuate over time depending on social norms and trends? Thus, it is not really morality at all.

In contrast the morality provided to believers from God, as expressed in scripture, is absolute and eternal since it comes from the creator.

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Four Demands of Amnesty International

This is a statement by Gita Sahgal of Centre for Secular Space


I write this with a heavy heart as I know that you are one of the few at Amnesty International, fully conscious of the dangers of fundamentalism and no friend of the pro-jihadi faction. I know you have done much to raise awareness of the human rights issues which are raised whenever fundamentalists press their agenda. You have fought against declaring Ahmaddiyas as ‘non-Muslim’ and explained to colleagues the importance of moving fast to prevent bad legislation being put in place. Complaining atrocities have happened is simply not good enough. They should be prevented in the first place.

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Obituary: Adil Fakieh (Minister of Saudisation and Slavery)

This is a guest post from Saudi Arabia by Mullah Anonymous

Minister of Saudisation and Slavery

It is with regret to announce the sudden death of the Yemeni origin Saudi Minister of Labour Mr. Adel Fakieh. His death was a result a Road Traffic Accident. He was being driven by a Bangali chauffeur whose work permit profession was documented as baker. The car was of German origin while the colliding vehicle was Japanese whose driver is of Sudani origin . Mr. Adel was dressed in the finest robes at the time made of silk from Iran and stitched by the tailors from Pakistan. Emergency services move his obese body from the accident site to the Indian owned Saudi German Hospital. Attempts by professional Filpino and Egyptian medical staff (who were very busy training certain idiotic Saudi graduates of Bedouin origins on the importance of oxygen to the human brain), were unsuccessful. All the work permits of the medical staff were in order, except the radiologist from India was discovered to have a fake degree.

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Richard Rogers: The Quest for Justice for the Victims of the 1971 Bangladesh Genocide

The following is the text of a lecture delivered by Richard Rogers on the 16th anniversary of the Liberation War Museum.

I feel extremely honoured to speak to you today as we celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Liberation War Museum. The Museum is a testament to a people’s desire to know and understand the difficult and painful episodes of its own history. Few communities around the globe can claim to have a history devoid of conflict or tragedy and dealing with the post-war situation has always been a challenge. Embarrassed or afraid of the truths that may rise to the surface, some call to forgive and forget the past, to ‘turn a page’, to leave the skeletons in the closet. Yet, time and again, this philosophy of repression has left too many questions unanswered, too much misunderstood, and has led history to repeat itself. In the former Yugoslavia, grievances hundreds of years old re-surfaced in the 1990s to result in one of the greatest tragedies in modern European history. In Rwanda, the echoes of colonial rule fuelled a divide that ended in a slaughter of almost a million people. Two decades after the First World War left Europe in ruins, Adolf Hitler managed to garner support for a second and even more devastating war. In 1971, Bangladesh was scarred by a terrible conflict that has not been put to rest. The way in which the people of Bangladesh approach this past will undoubtedly shape its future.

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‘Islam the Untold Story’ – the IERA responds

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan

The Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA), which is in fact a front for Salafists and Islamists to promote bigotry dressed as dogma, has also produced a response to the now infamous Tom Holland documentary ‘Islam –The Untold Story’. It is, however, poorly constructed, highly personal and completely misses the point.

There is something quite depressing about the way Muslim activists type respond to anything Islam related that isn’t a glowing tribute to the wonder and beauty of it. Objectivity and rational reasoning based on standard methodology used by historians just isn’t welcome and those who try will be accused of setting out to fabricate lies and deliberately deceive.

It’s almost as if the believing mind simply does not allow for the possibility for there being other interpretations and hence anyone who produces one must be of unsound character and mind. Progress is such an environment is both difficult and perilous.

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‘Islam the Untold Story’ and the Ramadhan Foundation

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan

Last week, Channel 4 broadcast a documentary entitled ‘Islam – the Untold Story’ which was presented by the renowned historian Tom Holland. Holland, who has also written extensively on the subject, attempted to piece together the early history of Islam using available historical resources rather than simply relying on Muslim accounts which, in any case, were produced many decades after events they speak about.

Since Holland came to a number of conclusions which, let’s say, strayed from the orthodox view of Muslim history as relayed by Muslims, he and Channel 4 have managed to attract the wrath of the defenders of the faith. This was inevitable, predictable and quite sad.

However, the press release from the ever reactionary ‘Ramadhan Foundation’ was a real treat. Not only was it semi-literate and nonsensical, it also contained serious errors, something it tried to accuse the documentary makers of. Here it is in full:

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The Home Office still funding the wrong people

By a brother from East London

It is now a well known fact that some of the people responsible for delivering the government’s Prevent programme are actually opposed to its core objectives.  These people can be best described as ‘anti-Prevent Prevent leads’.

One such individual is Shaban Siddik.  He was recently appointed by OSCT (Home Office) as the Prevent Manager for Ealing Council.  He previously worked at Harrow Council as a Prevent Coordinator.  Here are the highlights of his Prevent career so far:

  • Supporting, promoting and working closely with Harrow Mosque. This institutions website promotes: Islamic Forum of Europe (an Islamist organisation that wants to replace UK Democracy with Shariah law), YMO (an IFE youth group), MCB, Islam Channel and Islam Expo.
  • Setting up a ‘Muslim Youth Skills’ group and inviting Yvonne Ridley (Talibanette and Press TV broadcaster) to speak at its opening ceremony.
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My Story

This is a guest post by Irtaza Hussain

Have difficulty in trying to see why religion gets a bad reputation amongst some people? No problem, just see the crimes done in the so called sacred name of it and see the justifications made by many for those crimes as well as the condition of the majority of its adherents to know how limiting it actually is to the lives of many. Of course, you can say that it’s their life and happiness is the primary goal but doesn’t that mean that people should be more educated in their own religion? What about the social mobility through education that many say has considerable significance? But it seems those questions aren’t very important. Apparently it’s too much to ask them to partake in such a task, some may not be up to it as I’m advised but I also have to consider the idea how intuitive it is as well as how important it is in changing our viewpoint.

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