The Free Expression Day of Action

Two weeks ago, on a freezing cold Saturday afternoon, I made my way to the Old Palace Yard in Westminster to support the Freedom of Expression rally organised by One Law For All.

The rally followed several incidents in London recently where freedom of expression was curtailed in favour of fear of causing offence. In one incident, a talk on sharia law by One Law for All’s Anne Marie Waters was cancelled following threats of violence. Rhys Morgan was told by his school to remove a picture of Jesus and Mo from his Facebook page – a picture he had used in solidarity with the University College London Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society who had been asked by their student union to remove the same image. Both UCL and the London School of Economics have since passed draconian motions which will further restrict religious criticism or satire at their schools.

You can see the videos of the speeches here.  Speakers at the rally included A C Grayling, Nick Cohen, Caroline Cox, Gita Sahgal, Keith Porteous Wood and Rhys Morgan. And below is a video of Faisal, who also spoke at the rally:

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  1. Heloise
    Posted March 1, 2012 at 7:15 PM | Permalink

    Yes, I have seen reports of this – and I was very happy to see people making rational points about the dangers to free speech coming from Islam in particular. The frequent instances of curtailment of free speech in universities in particular have been shocking and it is about time people started to make a fuss about it – the more fuss the better.

    If more groups would stand up to Islamism in a rational way we might have fewer people being drawn into the EDL. And if the case for free speech was made more often maybe more Muslims would give it some thought and come down on the side of freedom.

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