Toronto Al-Quds Day: Another Jew HateFest

This is essential viewing. It is a distillation of the wholly reprehensible phenomenon of Jew-hatred dressed up as legitimate criticism of Israel. Criticism of Israel is fair game, but accusing it of “sucking the blood of the people of the world” is undiluted Jew hatred, not political critique.

Here Tarek Fatah is interviewed by Brian Lilley on Sun TV, a Canadian tv channel, on the Al-Quds rally held in Queens Park in Toronto which was little more than a racist hatefest, where President Obama was referred to as “this Black man in the White House” and there was talk of raising an Islamic Army to wipe out Israel.

The same phenomenon is happening in the UK. Politicians such as Ken Livingstone will kowtow to Islamic Jew hatred propagated by “representive” Islamist political groups because it will win them a handful of votes from their South Asian constituents.

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  1. alfie
    Posted September 2, 2011 at 2:09 PM | Permalink

    because it will win them a handful of votes from their South Asian constituents

    Lets be fair – its not Hindus, Sikhs, Christian or atheist ‘South Asian’ constituents, or average Muslim constituents – its Islamist minded bigot constituents the Ken Livingstones seek to attract.

    And how crude, and vulgar, and sectarian, and fundamentally bigoted such an approach is of itself, because it panders to a presumed prejudice, and separate consideration, rather than treating all constituents equally.

  2. alfie
    Posted September 2, 2011 at 2:25 PM | Permalink

    Just watched the video in full. The parallels with British Islamist experience are plain to see.

    I also hope that Tarak Fatah takes care of his security, because he speaks plainly about things that plain speaking can earn threats and slander for.

  3. John
    Posted September 4, 2011 at 5:52 AM | Permalink

    I watched the whole videos, all the speakers pointed out that the rally is about the Israeli occupation and its reprehensible treatment of Palestiniens and not about the Jews. The argument that anyone who criticizes the criminal activities of Israel hates the Jew does not have resonance anymore, you will need to come up with new ways to twist the facts. The world has realized that Zionism is a rascist philosophy and Israel is an occupier, no amount of media propaganda can twist the facts now, Israel has lost the PR war due to its crimes and is more isolated than ever.

  4. Canadian Patriot
    Posted September 4, 2011 at 5:54 AM | Permalink

    What about Rachel Corrie, the American girl that was bulldozed by the IDF war criminals. Was she an Islamist extremist as well?

  5. British Patriot
    Posted September 4, 2011 at 1:23 PM | Permalink

    Why has Rachel Corrie become one of the symbols of Palestinian oppression held up by “anti-Zionists”?

    The reason is simple – it is because she was a white American. The left could use a Palestinian figure as a symbol of Palestinian resitance but by choosing Rachel Corrie they inadvertently prove and reinforce the maxim that white American lives are worth more than Arab lives.

  6. Beakerkin
    Posted September 4, 2011 at 6:15 PM | Permalink

    I find it interesting that the part about the racial comment describing Obama as “that Black Man” were caught but the part about placing non Muslims under shariah as equals was missed.

    As stated below an honest look at the Jim Crow elements of Shariah need to be discussed. I know of no American who has not learned about the evils of poll taxes and separate facilities. There would not be this sense of entitlement if the actual history were taught instead of pc mishmash.

    The truth is these radical mosques need to hear the folks that present other views like Daniel Pipes. Sadly, there is a genuine lack of respect that prevents many religious radicals from hearing other views. Iranian loons are given forums at American Universities with minimal adverse actions.

    To the dullard above

    Rachel Corrie was an imbecile at a joke of a far left university. She was the child of two parents that are similarly so far to the left that they need meds. She went to Gaza and purposely and maliciously placed herself in the way of equipment trying to destroy terrorist tunnels. Those on the left like Lori Berenson think their American citizenship allows them to conduct criminal acts and in violation of American law interfere in US foreign policy.

    Of course any American supplying arms to anti Chavez and Castro forces would be killed and not treated similarly. Before the demented left starts differentiating Chavez did toss foreign missionaries serving the Amerind Communities. Any Amerind group has a superior claim to a nation state than the lefts sainted Palestinians who are not held to any standards of behavior.

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